Willogy Case Studies

Enhancing Customer Experience with AI


Current Limitations of Retail Industry

  • Limited information about customers & their in-store behaviour.80% of visitors walk out without a purchase
  • Decisions based on intuition rather than real data
  • Store analytics is done manually → low scalability & high costs
  • Lost potential revenue due to shrinkage, stock-outs, etc.



At Willogy, we help our clients

  • Use Face Analytics to collect data on customers (Age, Gender, Loyalty)
  • Collect data about behaviour of visitors (Heatmaps, Shelf Analytics, Time)
  • Identify operational bottlenecks (Queue Length Alerts, Congestion, Identify Stock out, Cleanliness)
  • Prevent Shrinkage:

    • Suspicious Behaviour and Face Recognition for burglars
    • Identify Staff related shrinkage
    • Identify unusual/anomalous activity to enhance loss Prevention efforts
  • Security and Safety Related Features; Ensure that the store is safe for customers

Our applications of Video Analytics (VA) in improving Customer Experience (CX)


In general, our Video Analytics with Computer Vision offers enhancements by providing:

  • Unique Identity Recognition - integrated to loyalty program
  • Age/Gender/Ethnicity clustering. Detect age groups, including children, seniors.
  • Shopping behaviour tracking: Groups, couples, individuals.
  • Traffic patterns. Identify path to purchase, hot zones, cold zones, dwell points.→ Help retailers make decisions on item placement or promotions
  • Integrate to app-based recommendation logic. → Ability to launch targeted promotions based on proximity, past purchase, consumer profile.

Usecase 1: An example of People Counting with VA solution in helping decision making and enhancing customer experience


Usecase 2: Heatmap and footprint

This technology can help us answer the following questions

  • Where is the most crowded ROIs (Region of Interests) in a specific monitoring area?
  • What are the trending routes of the customers?


The insight analytics would help a business better understand their customers and decide proper decision making.


Usecase 3: Security-based Video Analytics


Using existing cameras, a retailer can install highly effective Computer Vision algorithms to

  • Detect shopper traffic patterns
  • Prevent loss

In the US, Loss Prevention (LP) is a $48B problem impacting all retailers. At the same time, investment in LP staff is flat of shrinking. While average cost of shoplifting incident is doubling to $798, 30% of inventory shrinkage is an inside job.

→ With the strong foundation of Video Analytics and Computer Vision, our Willogy mission is to help any businesses to identify theft, shrinkage, and shoplifting incidents.

Why us?

Our strengths

  • Able to adapt with existing infrastructure and CCTVs.
  • Fully setup with hardware & software solutions.
  • Best in-class accuracy and competitive pricing.
  • Integrations like POS system to generate more insights.
  • Data Protection compliant (GDPR).


Example of our Analysis & Visualization Platform

Benefits we bring to our clients

  • Take better marketing decisions and measure marketing impact
  • Optimise usage, product selection and stock levels
  • Increase operational efficiency by identifying bottlenecks
  • Realise lost potential revenue and reduce shrinkage
  • Convert non-buyers into buyers

Quang Tran

Written by Willogy Team