Willogy Case Studies

Amanotes: User LTV Data Analysis

January 19, 2021 — Data Analytics / Business Intelligence / Machine Learning— 4 Min Read

Background Amanotes is a fast-growing app publisher in the music-tech industry from Vietnam. Since 2014, they have published over 30 music…

AI-powered eKYC

January 19, 2021 — Computer Vision / Machine Learning— 2 Min Read

Background Know Your Customer (KYC) is the process of business on verifying the identity of the customer and client, as well as valuing…

Enhancing Customer Experience with AI

January 19, 2021 — Machine Learning / Computer Vision / Data Analytics / Business Intelligence— 3 Min Read

Background Current Limitations of Retail Industry Limited information about customers & their in-store behaviour.80% of visitors walk out…

Smart Traffic Analysis & Monitoring

January 19, 2021 — Computer Vision / Machine Learning / Data Analytics— 2 Min Read

Background The trend of urbanization has led to an unprecedented increase in population and traffic congestion in urban cities. With this…

AI-powered Smart Video Analytics

January 19, 2021 — Computer Vision / Machine Learning / Data Analytics / Business Intelligence— 1 Min Read

Background Nowadays cameras are distributed everywhere, from the streets of Beijing, to New York, from the intersections of Santa Clara to…